Great success in Japan

During the three days of the Grand Renewable Energy 2018 International Exhibition in Yokohama, Japan, dozens of Japanese companies’ representatives had the opportunity to see and to discuss Camfridge’s advanced magnetic cooling solutions using third generation magnetocaloric materials. “Japan is a very competitive market and innovation plays a fundamental role for successful companies. This is the reason why the new opportunities offered by Camfridge’s solutions were very well received. What the visitors praised the most was the unrivalled compactness of our technology and the new and innovative uses to which it can be put” said Alessandro Pastore, executive vice President Business Development “The interest was so high that we subsequently decided to install a team in Tokyo who will now be in charge of follow-on. By uniting forces with the right Japanese partners, the first appliances could reach the market soon.” Camfridge was selected by the European Commission to represent the best European green technology companies in the European Commission Pavillon. The “EU-Gateway to Japan” program funded partially the business mission and ensured successful engagement with the Japanese companies.