Camfridge invited speaker in China

Alessandro Pastore was invited to give a keynote speech on Camfridge to the Venture Tianfu-JingRong Innovation Sharing seminar during the 2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair in the city of Chengdu, China on May 18th 2018.
During the opening ceremony the Chengdu Mayor, Mr. Luo Qiang, told that the local government “is promoting innovation-driven development strategy via the transformation and upgrading of industries”. Also, Prof Yao Yang, Dean of the National School of Development, Peking University, outlined in his speech how this policy is “in line with the 2016 change in national economy policy, which stimulates companies to invest in innovation and acquisition of new technologies.”
“I really thank the organisers for having invited me to present Camfridge and its revolutionary cooling technology to a select Chinese audience” said Alessandro “I had the opportunity to talk with many innovative companies during the three days of the Fair and I was really impressed by the determination of the local government to support young and innovative companies relocation.”