Another successful IMPCOT meeting

On January 18th 2018 at the Beko R&D Centre in Cambridge the representatives of Camfridge, Beko R&D and Imperial College, i.e. the three partners of the Innovate UK funded 30-month project IMPCOT  (IMProving magnetic COoling  Technology), had their mid-project review meeting with Graham Dibb the monitor officer of the project and  Michael Priestnall the Lead Technologist of Energy Catalyst. The results achieved during the last quarter were presented and discussed as a well as the next milestones agreed. “It is a pretty solid and good plan” said Graham Dibb at the end of the meeting. “The great collaboration spirit among the participants is the key element for success of the project that made possible, so far, to achieve all the milestones” added Neil Wilson the CEO of Camfridge.