DRREAM EU FP7 project

On December 10th and 11th in the iconic Cambridge Union Society building, the partners of the FP7 DRREAM (Drastically Reduced Use of Rare Earths in Applications of Magnetocaloric) project met for the final project meeting. The University town was the right place to present the overall results of the project - the target for the reduction of rare earth elements needed for magnetocaloric material cooling were not only reached, but significantly exceeded. The highly collaborative atmosphere of the project was recognized by all the participants as the key ingredient for this success. Many of the partners will continue to collaborate beyond the end of the project to develop further the industrial production of the magnetocaloric materials used by Camfridge in its innovative magnetic cooling engine.  The DRREAM partners had also the opportunity to visit the Camfridge testing facilities (picture) as well as the Camfridge magnetic cooling machine prototypes.