Camfridge at IRC2015 in Yokohama

Alessandro Pastore from Camfridge and Didier Coulomb, Director of the International Institute of Refrigeration co-chaired the workshop titled “ELICiT EU Project” at the 24th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration in Yokohama, Japan on Friday 21st August 2015. The 18-month results of the EU Elicit project were presented. Camfridge illustrated the second generation magnetic cooling engine achievements, which respond to fridge manufacturers specifications. Marcel Beek from Regen/T detailed the design and testing activities around the heat exchangers required in a fridge equipped with a magnetic cooling engine.  Gérald Cavalier from Cemafroid outlined all the standards that magnetic cooling appliances have to be complaint with for commercialization. During the Q&A session the + 60 professional attendees did not hide their amazement about the progress of the technology. “The International Conference represented a great opportunity to disseminate the great work done within ELICiT making the refrigeration industry aware of the great progress of the magnetic cooling technology in Europe” said Alessandro Pastore “beside the EU ELICiT workshop other two workshops on magnetic cooling technology were planned. I had also the honour to represent Camfridge in the discussant panel of the workshop titled “Magnetic Refrigeration: Materials & Systems for Commercialization” with representatives from magnetocaloric material industry such as BASF and Vacuumschmelze that send to the public a loud and clear message: magnetic cooling industry is a reality in the years to come.”