Clean, Green & Magnetic

Using novel metal alloys and magnetic fields Camfridge is creating a new generation of low carbon cooling products that will dramatically reduce energy consumption and use no polluting gases.

Camfridge was selected as part of the Cleantech 100 - one of the top 100 private European clean technology companies.


Who we work with

Camfridge collaborates with many companies in the packaged cooling-appliance market to enable the integration of our unique magnetic cooling technology into applications.

Magnetic technology offers appliance manufacturers a gas-free and highly-efficient solution leading to a highly differentiated product which better meets end-user needs and delivers a unique brand positioning.

Who we are

Camfridge was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the University of Cambridge, is a private company and has the Cambridge Capital Group and the University of Cambridge and as its principle shareholders.

Camfridge enjoys significant collaborative R&D funding from the European Union, and the company is also supported by both the Carbon Trust and the Technology Strategy Board. These funding programs are enabling the development of a strong industrial ecosystem that is driving the sustainable growth of the magnetic cooling industry.


Our Technology

Camfridge develops energy-efficient and gas-free magnetic cooling - a new cooling technology that use advanced metal alloys and magnetic fields to drive a novel cooling cycle, that can most readily be exploited in domestic and commercial appliances.

It is in smaller appliances where conventional gas based cooling technology is less efficient (rather than large industrial scale plants) and it is here that Camfridge's technology demonstrates up to a 40% reduction in energy consumption. Camfridge's immediate market focus is the $20 billion p/a domestic cooling appliance market.


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